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S-RM’s Septimus Knox (Director, Disputes and Investigations) and Amy Francis (Associate Director, Digital Forensics) discuss all things intelligence and investigations in this episode of S-RM Insider, sharing real-life experiences to highlight how general counsel can draw on investigative support to navigate contentious situations. 


In this podcast, Septimus and Amy discuss:

  • Popular misconceptions about intelligence and investigations
  • Digital forensics, its origins, and the role it plays in modern corporate investigations
  • The value that investigations can provide for general counsel
  • The unique challenges of internal investigations
  • Recent stories from the field



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If you would like to learn more about S-RM's Disputes and Investigations or Digital Forensics practices, please reach out to Septimus or Amy via the S-RM website. For more on how we can support general counsel in navigating complex situations, download our latest report 'In the Eye of the Storm: Intelligence and the Changing Role of the General Counsel'.


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