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Political Violence Flash Points 2021-2022

Markus Korhonen 17 February 2022
17 February 2022    Markus Korhonen

Political Violence Special Edition 2022

In our 2022 publication we reflect on the current state of political violence globally, and explore how some of these dynamics are likely to shape events in the coming year. Many of the issues driving conflict and unrest over the past year remain unresolved, and will prompt further instability and violence in the year ahead. We unpack these stories in this year’s Political Violence Special Edition.

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Ongoing tensions, both at the global and national levels and across a broad range of issues, continue to drive political violence threats including war, terrorism and civil unrest.


In this map we highlight some of the flash points and trends in political violence in 2021-2022.


Political Violence Flash Points 2022-1



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